WorkPlace Future Freelance Platform

We at WorkPlace are here to help connect businesses with great talents to work without boundaries and economic limits. We are your recruitment marketplace created on blockchain to hire talents for your job from anywhere in the world using one common currency WOPC.


Why WorkPlace

The Workplace platform is created considering the fact that today with global economic and political policies relocating the right fit for your project from half away around the globe is both time consuming and not effective most times specially in the blockchain industry as it is still in its evolution phase. Keeping anonymity and privacy in mind a new way of working is born which creates a borderless, currency free marketplace for your projects and your skills alike.

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Reputation, Decentralized

This web-based platform aims to bring visibility and trust to remote work not limited to crypto thus is cost effective and saves time and energy wasted in a normal physical hiring.

Start Using Real Expertise

A reliable access to a large pool of quality talent for recruiters while providers continue to enjoy freedom and flexibility to find jobs online keeping their identity completely private forms a win -win solution for both parties.

We trust our futures with experts everyday.

WorkPlace means for us:

  • ✔Open and active jobs for freelancers
  • ✔Large database of freelancers across the globe
  • ✔Blockchain experts and blockchain specific jobs
  • ✔Supported by WOPC [Workplace coin]
  • ✔100% security of payments through Workplace secured escrow system
  • ✔Open and fair bidding system for equal opportunity
  • ✔Available as Web & App version
  • ✔Complete privacy and anonymity. Let your work do the talking!

Are you a Developer Expert?

Features for Recruiters

The Workplace platform allows you to -

  • ✔Post your requirement under categories of "Openings"
  • ✔Search and save profiles for future requirements
  • ✔Award jobs based on open and fair bid
  • ✔Direct hiring based on past reference and experience
  • ✔Escrow pay through Workplace secured escrow system
  • ✔Rank and rate service provider on performance and delivery
  • ✔Advertise your project through targeted banner advertisements
  • ✔Avail special discount on advertisements and job value as a Workplace coin MN holder

Features for Freelancers

The Workplace platform allows you to -

  • ✔Showcase and list your skill under varied categories of "Available for"
  • ✔Create your own sub - page showcasing your talent
  • ✔Upload video resumes and prior work videos
  • ✔Search and save openings for later applications
  • ✔Apply for jobs through open and fair bidding system
  • ✔Direct message to recruiters as a paid member
  • ✔Get assured payments through Workplace secured escrow system
  • ✔Rank and rate recruiters on payment and overall experience
  • ✔Advertise your skills through targeted banner advertisements
  • ✔Avail special discount on advertisements and memberships as a Workplace coin MN holder

WorkPlace Platform offers you

Customer support

We are here to help you, if you are unsure or stuck on any issue, our customer support is available to help resolve your query through e-mail or chat support.

Scam Proof

With supporting proofs, you can report a scammer or fake profile discreetly to workplace team. We will ensure your anonymity in the matter and take necessary actions against the profile.

Business networking

As professionals, networking is important and we at Workplace understand that. Our platform allows you to connect with and follow other members.


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WorkPlace Coin [WOPC]

WorkPlace platform is supported by WOPC coin [WorkPlace Coin] only. All currencies are converted by its value to WOPC coin for payments to freelancers or invoicing the customers. WOPC is built on Quark algorithm with POS/MN functionality. The masternode collateral is 5000 WOPC with 98% MN rewards and 2% staking rewards thus controlling inflation and limiting the availability of coins to MN owners.

  • ★Availability - WOPC will be primarily traded in CryptoBridge exchange with additional exchange listings as the project advances.
  • ★Pairing - WOPC will be primarily paired with BTC with fiat and other pairings added with the increase in demand of coin in the near future.
  • ★Masternode - As a WOPC MN owner you not only benefit from general speculative trading but also use the same towards availing services of the WorkPlace platform as a recruiter or freelancer alike.
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Market Cap


USD Price


Total Supply


Available Supply

WorkPLaceCoin Specs

When looking at its layout. The point of using
is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution

With a myriad of jobs posted on Workplace freelancers have the potential to earn money by providing companies with over thousands of skills across varied categories of work.

  • - Coin Name
  • - Ticker
  • - Algorithm
  • - Masternode Collateral
  • - MN reward
  • - Staking Reward
  • - Block Time
  • - Total Supply
  • - Premine
  • - Coin Maturity
  • - Minimum Stake Age
  • - Minimum Staking input
  • - WorkPlace Coin
  • - WOPC
  • - Quark
  • - 5000
  • - 98%
  • - 2%
  • - 60 second
  • - 5.500.000
  • - 300.000
  • - 27 Block
  • - 1 Hour
  • - 1 Coin

WOPC Roadmap

Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Workplace Reward Table

When looking at its layout. The point of using
is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution

Phase Blocks Block Reward Masternode Reward Staking Reward
1 0-1 300000 - -
2 2-5000 5 - -
3 5001-10000 10 - -
4 10001-20000 60 - -
5 20001-30000 80 - -
6 30001-40000 90 - -
7 40001-50000 60 - -
8 50001-60000 30 - -
9 60001-70000 10 - -
10 70001-80000 4 - -
11 80001-100000 3 - -
12 100001-150000 2 - -
13 150000-END 1 - -